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ask the lonely ark sz

written by william stevenson & ivy jo hunter

just ask the lonely
when you feel
that you can make it all alone
remember no one is big enough
to go it all alone

just ask the lonely
they know the hurting pain
of losing the love
you can never regain
just ask the lonely

the young and foolish
who laugh at love and slowly run away
confident and sure that fate
will bring another love their way

but ask the lonely
how vainly a heart can yearn
for losing a love
that will never return
just ask the lonely
just ask the lonely
just ask the lonely

theyll tell you a story of sadness
a story too hard to believe
theyll tell you
the loneliest one is me

just ask the lonely
just ask the lonely
just ask the lonely
ask me, im the loneliest of all


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