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niggas dont understand ark sz

big tymers:
fa sho...this for my homie k.c.
that just did ten in tha pen
bout to spit this game for ya fool
chorus: [b.g. & big tymers]
these niggas dont understand that he tha man
(and on the downlow im still sellin birds they tell me that)
these niggas dont understand that he tha man
(and on the downlow im still sellin birds they tell me that)
first verse [baby]
i need me a lick, to come up on a hundred gs
(how b?)
movin these fuckin kees
(where b?)
run em in that u.p.t.
(and who gone run em?)
tha brotha and my b.g.
you gotta beat em
(that nigga is my lady)
four golds and im out there baby
i hit my safe for a hundred and fifty gs
(why nigga?)
orderin for 20 kees
(street value?)
two hundred and fifty gs
(and whats yo profit?)
a lick for a hundred gs
my people, baby, bout to bring us some heavy snow white
mama told me ima have to go on that all night flight
fuck breakin two hundred im breakin q.bs
ziplocem up and send em to that u.p.t.
never seen a triple beam and so much yay
on his porch stairs, nothin but mail
one hundred gs with ease now thats no big drama
i keep packin shit to keep icin lil mama
too many kees bringin rats and gats and cadillacs
but through thick and thin, v.l. got my back
second verse: [baby]
fuckin break these kees down to quarter kees
let vamp run em all in the third ward u.p.t.
k.c. drop this load on my b.g.
(tear da kee)
bring me back nigga a hundred gs
nigga get yo shit
(nigga i got my shit)
ready to cock yo shit?
(im ready to pop my shit)
ima take yo breath, introduce you to death
when you get to hell, tell em i can follow your map
tired of flippin these hustlas, i wanna flip some gs
so whats up wit baby?
(graduated from kees)
we gone make this shit happen, we gone flood em out uptown
and we gone bring and sprinkle a bit downtown
we ride lexus with interos, momos or cameros
slim got the coke in a wayside barrel for 22-5
(got the kees for 11-5)
come to the b.g. i might do it for a even 5
nigga i ball and people dont know it, cuz i dont show it
the only way to find out is if you come and score it
cuz i dont stop with no hoe or no show
i wear my polo, and get a bucket and keep it on the downlow
third verse [manny]:
never out her, money and the powder
nigga move the shit from uptown to crowder
who got the sprinkle to make yo ass wrinkle?
dope fiends and o.gs bout to take a tango
chickens in a bucket supreme, young hoes dream
cash rules everything in town, know what i mean?
snowin like alaska, wanted in nebraska
bitch tryed to testify i straight blast her
ks and the ammo, modern-day rambo
got a glock some woks and a gram hoe
got a mazerati bumpin like jon gotti
red beams on the scene leave a bloody body
i got this shit locked up
manny fresh the special man a.k.a. big nutts


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