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lets get funky ark sz

choppers with drums
nigga thats how it comes
assualt rifles, extended clips
let you know where im from
the names chopper city
its a city of niggas bout gettin funky wit me
keep they fingers on triggers
lets roll wit a pistol i get out of control
its your family i put on rows, front row
ima 223 grabber
bust or block hitter
project kidnapper
rookie nigga wig splitter
make copies for the rapture
its all on u nigga
oh, im comin for the capture
what you wan do nigga
mystikals who im after
grab yo steel and shoot
ima kill??? rapper
lil wayne, he bout it too
ima snatch if you got it
told ya before ta hide it
told ya if you hide it
its a must that i find it
ride or die bitch
chop or get chopped hoe
b.g. split or get split
play tha game how it go
shootin tha drop somethin
glock or pop somethin
ak wit fifty shots
i tote it too stop somethin
make it happen yous the punk
ill put you in the trunk
??????? you dunk nigga i bring funk

lil wayne: lets get funky wit these niggas
b.g.: grab the triggas and blast
lil wayne: lets get filthy wit these niggas
b.g.: take they figures and dash
lil wayne: lets get serious with these niggas
b.g.: grab the ks and bust, its ten for one trust
lil wayne: retaliation must

lil wayne:
ah ah
dont run yo mouth enough for you to get back in me
my gun clap?? start spinnin and take many
plenty of slugs hit you
can you picture a young rapper
fourteen?? black master million dollar flapper
watch me set it off wit my sawed off jumpin
as i be when i be pumpin
frontin gets you nothin
runtin catch a slug from the m-whatn
you aint bout natin
playa hater leave you bloody
its money and rearer
cant see clearly
but ya still hear me
four steps comin quickly
can you feel me
better kill me before you get done in
its real dog
but i got that red mark so when you come in
slugs somethin, seventeen up in the clip
i keeps extra highly tips for the crum rip
should of chop-chop stop yo whole block
lets get funky, you want me, i thinks not
so much black clothing???? you black-out
all the lights go out
thats when all yo fight come out
bloody streaks to the upt where you lays on
i praise on, think you plays on, its stays gone
the things you lay on
i cant even pay on
you got it, better hide it
if you wanna keep it safe on
i rome to the top
thats my spot, my place
jumpin out a suitcase
slugs chase to yo face, ah


lil wayne:
ah, ah, ah, ha
now as i re-enter this scent and get into you
these three dots, i plot and spot, then i shoot
i keep a chopper under the medium hilfiger
i throw back punks, comin out trunks to kill niggas
i spill niggas, on the real nigga i gets dirty
?????? area???????? dirty
i know you heard me
but you lied tonight
but you cant hide
its written all over yo face you easy to find
niggas front, scars all over they chest be starting to shine
like that presidential rolex reflex a million nine
gimme dat, all dat, and all black, thats my atire
a tru rider, gettin higher off uptown fire
remember me, tha little g never died
took one to the chest but the little g never died

ima certified killer, million dollar nigger
any kind of gun trigger, clicker, playa hater nigga flipper
tangerie and juice sipper, disrespectin bitch flipper
im bout drama off the top
you know thats on the foreal-a
i gets loaded low down by a monkey
so call me donkey
nigga think lame
he would want to know i gets funky
beef kicked in a night parade
uptown was deep
nothin ?? ?? bookoom be standin on feet
now you know i run with ignorant niggas
all of em wild
thousand of people out
fuck that sprayin the crowd
aint no time for doin backin down
from trigga play
gotta closet of ks
ready to do it anyday
write grant after tenth
black grant i was tenths
thats for al and lil duga
four deep in each in spinnin??
so twerk it up
handle yo business
shoot or get shot
i hit blocks wit glocks
nigga, get or get got
in school i was a fool a young funky
but on the streets i used 2s
nigga, i gets funky


(lil wayne & b.g. talk to end)


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