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when you got good friends ark sz

(allen collins -- ronnie vanzant)
you got to love ol charlie daniels
you got to cut the rug with wet willie too
and you got to be a fan of the marshall tucker band
before ill sit down and have a drink with you
yes, bakersfield has got ol merle haggard
hes a bad, bad boy, yes indeed
nashvilles got a million and one guitar pickers
but i guess my favorite would be the cdb
yes theres a few good rockers in new york city
guess the big la, it never cared for me
so wont you tell all them hollywierd writer people
that it just dont make a damn
when you got good friends like me
never dick on good ol waylon jennings
or willie nelson, bob wills or me
well theyre playin that good ol country-western
you know this thing they call the texas swing


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