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the last rebel ark sz

(gary rossington, johnnyvan-zant, robert johnson, michael lunn)
theres a grey horse standin still
as a soldier climbs in the saddle for one last ride
as the rain pours off his hat
you can see the shadows of the past written in his eyes
now the cannons are silent
his friends are all gone
gotta put it all behind him
if he ever wants to find his way home
hes the last rebel on the road
just a boy with his old guitar
keeps to himself but everybody takes him wrong
but he carries on
got a dream that will never die
cant change him, no use in stayin where you dont belong
now hes rollin down the highway
gone too far too fast
no one will ever find him, hell never look back
cause hes the last rebel
and hes all alone
hes the last rebel
his friends are all gone
hes the last rebel
the last rebel on the road
therell never be another like him
hes the last of a dying breed
aint no use in tryin to tame him
cause hes the last rebel
(repeat chorus)


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