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smokestack lightning ark sz

(e. king, j. van zant, gary rossington, t. cerney)
i was sittin at home all alone when i heard that telephone ring
and there on the line was a friend of mine sayin he wasnt doin a thing
so im steppin out on the town tonight to party where the drinks are free
theres a sweet young thing ready and waitin on me
young and fine, strike you blind
smokestack lightnin make you lose your mind
shes got looks that kill can fire at will
smokestack lightnin shes all i need
when we got to the place i got me a taste
i knew shed be good for a game
dancin out on the floor she was ready for more
she knew all the boys by their names
i said hey sweet thing let me pull your string
let me take you home
i woke up in a hour with my money and my memory gone.
(repeat chorus)
young and fine strike you blind smokestack lightnin
(repeat chorus)


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