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simple man ark sz

(gary rossington - ronnie vanzant)
mama told me when i was young
come sit beside me, my only son
and listen closely to what i say.
and if you do this
it will help you some sunny day.
take your time... dont live too fast,
troubles will come and they will pass.
go find a woman and youll find love,
and dont forget son,
there is someone up above.
and be a simple kind of man.
be something you love and understand.
be a simple kind of man.
wont you do this for me son,
if you can?
forget your lust for the rich mans gold
all that you need is in your soul,
and you can do this if you try.
all that i want for you my son,
is to be satisfied.
boy, dont you worry... youll find yourself.
follow you heart and nothing else.
and you can do this if you try.
all i want for you my son,
is to be satisfied.


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