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made in the shade ark sz

(ronnie vanzant)
"well when i was a young-un they used to teach me to play music like this here..."
when i look in your face baby
when i look in your eyes
i can tell pretty mama i been wastin time
cause you dont really love me
you just love me for what i am
but you best treat me right, woman
gonna lose your money man
well when i first met you baby, you was a red light girl
but i tried to take you to better world
but you would not listen
still you think i am a fool
well you had it made in the shade, baby
dont let that tree fall down on you
well i work the railroad each and every day
well i work real hard tryin to make my pay
lord i never tell you what you supposed to say
girl you had it made in the shade
dont let that tree fall down on you


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