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ive seen enough ark sz

(g. rossington, j. van zant, k. custer, r. johnson, m. lunn)
you got to lock your doors, keep the world out
were closin ourselves in
if you watch the news itll scare you to death
to hell and back again
the only justice heres at the wrong end of a gun
got the criminal makin the laws got the good men on the run
ive seen enough
we dont own anything weve got weve givin it all away
but that dont make no sense to me you know whos gonna pay
its the man in the factory workin twelve hours a day
the woman workin in the restaurant with another kid on the way
isnt anything in this life sacred anymore
we cant lose what weve got its worth fightin for
ive seen enough, ive seen enough to make a grown man cry
a mans standin by the road a sign in his hand
he dont want your charity he says i aint no begger man
all i need is a chance to get back on my feet
but we just pass him by well it could be you or me
ive seen enough
i aint the kind to just sit back and watch the world go round
its not too late to change lets turn this shit around
(repeat chorus)


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