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i know a little ark sz

(steve gaines)
yes sir
well the bigger the city, well the brighter the lights
the bigger the dog, well the harder the bite
i dont know where you been last night
but i think mama, you aint doin right
say i know a little
i know a little about it
i know a little
i know a little bout it
i know a little bout love
and baby i can guess the rest
well now i dont read that daily news
cause it aint hard to figure
where people get the blues
they cant dig what they cant use
if they stick to themselves
theyd be much less abused
play me a little, oh yeah
well if you want me to be your only man
said listen up mama, teach you all i can
do right baby, by your man
dont worry mama, teach you all i can
well i know a little bout love
baby i want your best


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