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good thing ark sz

(g. rossington, j. & d. van zant)
my baby came home late last night
i said girl i gotta talk to you
ive been drinkin with the man next door
he said hes been singin with you
whoevers tellin lies its time to say bye-bye
you know my mama didnt raise no fool
youre gonna walk out that door youll never see me anymore
tell you what im gonna do
im gonna love ya just one more time
id love to see what youve got
i dont care if it takes all night
gonna make you remember for the rest of your life oh baby
we had a good thing a good thing goin
but aint been seein eye to eye
you had a good thing but its all over
might as well wave and say goodbye
its easy to see the guilt in your eyes
girl i want you to tell me the truth
was he worth the risk and all the trouble hes caused
now it comes down to me and you
you thought i was blind when you were gone all the time
playin me for a fool
(repeat chorus)
we had a good thing goin baby but its all over
good thing, good thing goin.......


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