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born to run ark sz

(gary rossington, johnny van-zant, ed king, donnie van zant)
theres an old man sittin on a front porch now
talkin bout how it used to be
when i was young i was a hell of a man
my father died when i was ten
i hit the road to find a job
had to feed my family
times were hard my hands are still scarred
from the life ive had to lead
i was born to run
drove a tractor and trailer all my life
six kids and a hell of a wife
made lots of money it all slipped away
a large family thats the price you pay
i always dreamed never gave up
son, even when times got tough
thats when id push it a little bit more
you shouldve heard that engine roar
i was born to run
cant slow down
no regrets, ive been blessed
born to run
in time youll see what the good lords done for me
born to run
i cant slow down
no regrets, i did my best
born to run
in time youll see
what the good lords done, done for me
the old man, he passed away
and all he said never crossed my mind
until i saw the price he payed
was a lot like mine
im full and though its miles away
gotta hit the city right on time
and when im on ill always sing little song of mine
i was born to run
(repeat chorus)


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