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best things in life ark sz

(gary rossington, tom keifer, johnnyvan-zant)
ive got a sayin in my life thats got me by so far
well it mat not be right but, nobodys gonna tell me im wrong
the first mistake is leave it up to somebody else
if you want somethin done you got to do it yourself
ill do it myself before somebody makes a fool out of me
cause nothin comes easy for a man like me
everybody thinks the best things in life are free
if they would open their eyes itd be so plain to see
that the best things in life dont come so easily
i met a man who thought just a little bit different from me
he said you got it so easy but i just had to disagree
it would have been alright but he pushed me too far
if your lookin for trouble step outside of this bar
if it comes down to fistin, mister that aint nothin new to me
(repeat chorus)
youll find in this life if theres somethin that you believe
you got to get your hands dirty when its somethin that you really need
if they ever give you somethin too easily
cant be too good, cause nothin goods for free
tell ya straight from the heart a bed of roses it will never be


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