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berneice ark sz

(dennis e sumner -- gary rossington -- johnny vanzant -- rickey medlocke -- hughie thomasson)
i can still remember i was eight years old
the first time that i picked her up little did i know
shes taken me to places that ive never been
did my first gig in a rock-n-roll band
berneice, sweet berneice
get a real job let the guitar go
there aint no future in this rock-n-roll
so go for your guitars, go for your guns
better think twice its three against one
take your best shot its a showdown now
berneice, sweet berneice
oh, berneice wont you play for me

a guitar woman needs a guitar man
one without the other, neither one of them can stand
remember where we came from we can do it all again
so thanks to all you people, give youselves a hand
berneice, sweet berneice
berneice, wont you play for me


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