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backstreet crawler ark sz

(r. hall, e. king, g. rossington)
i snuck around the corner he had this guy down
i through the first punch thats when he hit the ground
to survive in the street you gotta win the first round
cause if you want eat you gotta be the baddest one around
im a backstreet crawler
daddy paid for college i earned a degree
got a job up on wall street
where i learned to make the little man bleed
thats when i got stomped like a cattle stampede
had a nervous breakdown all my friends and family left me
yeah im a backstreet crawler
when you see them on the concrete its their spirit thats harder
yeah im a backstreet crawler
where your ego meets defeat and your pride cant get no smaller
yeah im a backstreet crawler
yeah im a backstreet crawler
i guess you might say it sure is a shame
i used to have everything oh how my life has changed
yeah im broken and torn ive never been free
lost everything that meant a thing to me
(repeat chorus)


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