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memphis midnight/memphis morning ark sz

the sun went down like a curtain
memphis looks bigger at night
all the tatooed boys in uniform
step in and out of the light

she bought me good whiskey in memphis
she bought supper and she paid for the room
and as best as i can remember
she paid dearly for loving me too

she said hey dont i know you
now aint you the one
the one with the guitar boys
and all them sad songs
about men in the rain
did you ever miss a plain
in memphis

we laughed at the strangers we were in the bed
two cigarettes lit up the room
like two backseat lovers cant wait to get started
knowing everythings over too soon

now memphis aint bad in the morning
good coffee well its just hard to find
but let me suggest that you never leave memphis
with anything on your mind


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