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well wont you lend your lungs to me
mine are collapsing
plant my feet and bitterly breathe
up the time thats passing
and breath ill take and breath ill give
and pray the days not poison
stand among the ones that live
in lonely indecision

fingers walk the darkness down
mind is on the midnight
gather up the gold youve found
you fool its only moonlight
and if you try to take it home
your hands will turn to butter
you better leave this dream alone
try to find another

salvation sat and crossed herself
called the devil partner
wisdom burned upon a shelf
wholl kill the raging cancer
seal the river at its mouth
take the water prisoner
fill the sky with screams and cries
bathe in fiery answers

jesus was an only son
and love his only concept
strangers cry in foreign tongues
and dirty up the doorstep
and i for one and you for two
aint got the time for outside
just keep your injured looks to you
well tell the world that we tried


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