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baltimore ark sz

i know ive seen this place before
lord cant you hear me screaming
as a young man long ago
when i was twenty-one

and i know ive seen this house before
with people all around it
with my baby cousin on the floor
and mama in the kitchen

and a woman lies upon the bed
i think she must be dying
and i recall the words she said
as she began to cry

she begged son please dont go to baltimore
and leave me where im lying
for you will son but i no more
walk among the living

and if you go to baltimore
then ill see you in heaven
and as you breathe ill breathe no more
and i will surely die

well you know i went to baltimore
so confident and wise
and as i breathed she breathed no more
and she did surely die

and now as i lie upon my bed
i pray i must be dreaming
with faces all around my head
and strangers at my door

and a womans voice calls out to me
bring unto you your children
and let them see these things you see
and hear the words you say

beg them to go to baltimore
and leave you where youre lying
just like you did one time before
when you were twenty-one

and if they go to baltimore
then ill see you in heaven
and as they breathe youll breathe no more
and you will surely die

and i know ive seen this place before
lord cant you hear me screaming
and if i should awaken lord
then answer me my plea

what makes the sun set in the west
and birds fly in the sky
and what makes a woman beat her breast
when her children start to cry

and what makes those little ones grow old
to find eternity
and what takes the wise
and leaves behind
a foolish one like me


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