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the way i feel about you ark sz
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the way i feel about you ark sz

1st verse:
lyfe: well hello
female: hey! how you doin
lyfe: havent seen you in a while
female: yep its been a while
lyfe: girl i really missed that smile and that thing you do with your tongue still drives me wild
female: (shreek) you silly
lyfe: you gotta have some kids by now
female: yea, i got a little girl
lyfe: heard yo brother just got out
female: yea, 2 weeks ago. hes doin good too
lyfe: girl, i still get choked up when i think about, how this time done tore us apart
but you were never far from my mind or from my heart, girl you know

you know the why i feel about you, you know the way i feel about you, now and forever repeat

2nd verse:
lyfe: so hows your sister
female: you know brenda, shes cool
lyfe: heard she finally bought that house
female: its little but its hers
lyfe: bet that makes yo momma proud
female: yea, yea, shes happy
lyfe: to see all the hard work of raisin yall paid off
girl thats what im talkin bout
so when you come back in town
maybe we can go somewhere and hang out
female: yea, id like that
lyfe: cause no matter where you are in this world to me youll always be my girl, dont you see

lllllllla llllla la lla llla lla lalala la la lalalalla


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