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stick up kid ark sz

1st verse:
rolling in my 2-door monte carlo
looking for somebody i can borrow
5 or 10 dollars til tomorrow
im doing bad yall uh-uhn
i just smoked my last pack of cigarettes today
ever seen a nigga diggin in the ashtray
its a crumbling and humbling sight to see
im doing bad yall uh-uhn
and their teasin me with these 23s and these dvds in their ride
and they pass me by-by-by-by-by-by
and have the nerve to wonder why

i be robbin these niggas
im a stick-up kid
thats how i live i admit it
i be robbin these niggas
im a stick-up kid
and if youre doing too much im coming to get it

2nd verse:
see lately ive been thinking bout saving my soul
and do prayers make it to heaven from the ghetto
i asked all my friends but they all say they dont know
its all bad yall
and the preacher talking bout some stuff he dont know
when church done became a fuckin fashion show
and they wont let a nigga in with these timbos
its all bad yall

nobody knows the trouble i see
nobody knows but me 3x


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