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smile ark sz

1st verse:
feels like im in heaven
rollin my 67
cadillac deville
bumpin that old sugar hill
today im living proof
your worst fear came true
im doing alright without you baby
im leaving all that darkness behind me
making changes in my life
so when that sunshine finally finds me
i can stand fully in the light
spread my wings and reach for sky
i never felt so alive
kiss my kids goodnight
tell em daddys alright im alright

honey child theres a whole world waiting on you
took a while but we finally made it through
go head you can smile now all that darkness behind you
smile. smile. smile.

2nd verse:
feels like ive been baptized
almost drowned but i survived
she held me under for 5
years of my life
but today im living proof
your worst fear came true
im doing alright without you baby yes i am
im leaving all those grudges behind me
throwing fear out the window
so when these blessings come to find me
they will have room to breathe and grow
let my blessings overflow and get my life under control
so my kids will know, daddy finally let go
i finally let go

blue skies- blue skies are calling you
no more teary eyes- no more crying for you baby
and i dont despise you at all
i thank you for the lessons you have taught me



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