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lets do this right ark sz

1st verse:
this ones for my people locked up
know we keep you in our prayers
and aint forgot about you out here
call me whenever you feel
cause i know a lot of folks dont keep it real
i know they got their own life but still
when you love someone you let them know
you dont let them go
its hard enough being alone
missing your family missing your home
whether youre right or wrong ill be by your side
keeping your hope alive
i know how it feels to cry
so you aint alone in your struggle for life
to my people

hold up, lets do this right
first blaze one for all my fellas that aint here with us tonight
hold up, lets do this right
first blaze one for all my fellas that aint here with us tonight
some of them for life

2nd verse:
your kids doing just fine
the youngest, reminds me of you all the time
he even shoots that ugly jumper from the foul line like you do
and your girl she doin ok
but dont concern yourself with if she will or wont wait
youll just drive yourself crazy with stuff you cant change
theres better ways to occupy your time
like opening up your mind
its a troubling time out here
your kids need your guidance even from in there
and no matter when or where i wont abandon you
cause that aint what friends do
still got a lot of love
and i pray to god through my actions youll know how much

to all my people who aint coming home at all
theres many children who could learn from your experience
have a heart get involved
and for all my people who gonna see the streets one more time
you got another chance at life
count your blessings everynight



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