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cry ark sz

1st verse:
i done had money
i done been broke
i done been talked about something awful
done been lied on by so many folks
i done even been depressed at times
and didnt wanna cry cause my pride was too strong
but over the years i thought it over
and after struggling for so long and still holding on
i figured, cant be nothing all that wrong with crying
if anybody says that theyre that strong theyre lying
see crying is like taking your soul to the laundromat
its like the feeling that you get
when you see your grand-mama smile
or the heavens open up and blessing rain down
go on child and cry
go on and cry, cry, cry
we can cry together

2nd verse:
see i done been a player
i done been played
i done went for some of the oldest tricks
from some of the coldest chicks god done ever made
said i done even had a venereal disease
and didnt wanna go to the clinic, all that attention embarrassing me
but over the years ive learned to understand
that i dont really give a damn what nobody say, im a man
and we cry
we can cry, we can cry, we can cry together

talkin bout wo wo wo yea yea yea
they say a man aint supposed to cry
but i know, know, know
fasho sho, sho
that even men go through problems somtime


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