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years, days ark sz

1st verse:
i was looking for god at my grandmothers house
underneath the cushions on the couch
i looked all around side to side up and down
that man was no where to be found
so i called my grandmama on the phone
said old lady you best get home
cause god aint where you said he would be
and theres something that i really need to speak to him about immediately
she said boy tell granny whats wrong is there something i can do
i said big mama now its a sensitive issue
and lord knows i dont wanna worry you
but i need somebody to talk to

its done been 26 years 17 days
been to 5 different prisons got 2 babies on the way
and they say itll be a waste of time to pray
seeing that im going to hell anyway 2x

2nd verse:
i done smoked weed with the best of yall
shot at all the rest of yall
my heart hurts like an old man with high cholesterol
the preacher said that im the dirtiest dude he ever saw
shouldnt even be livin
and he a christian
shoulda been dead like 17 times for 17 crimes i committed
took em all to trial and got accuited
left wavin my middle finger in the air whispered in the prosecutors ear, yeah i did it
i done stole everything from dreams to wedding rings
auctioned off my soul for material things
but lately its been kinda botherin me
i guess that turtle always catches up with the rabbit eventually

chorus 2x/bridge:
somebody loves you baby whoa whoa whoa somebody loves you baby 4x


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