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the beast box is dreaming ark sz

its shape tells us plainly
time inside is curved
it holds elvis presleys body
perfectly preserved

when kennedy came with monroe
late in 55
the senator carved their names
by the overdrive
its an accident of nature
designed by architects
nasa built it from an alloy
theyd stolen from the czechs

the beast box is dreaming
what you believe

the replica at disneyland
in the big exhibition hall
its correct to the last nut and bolt
its nothing like it at all
if a pregnant woman touches it
the child will be shy
and if you glimpse it once
you eventually die

the beast box is dreaming
what you believe

in a dream im inside
with my kid brother
theres scenes of awful suffering
were avoiding looking at each other
then hes pointing to the handrail
its long, of burnished chrome
saying in that stupid voice of his
"some of this would look good
in the bathroom back home"

freemasons talk about it all the time
their hands at funny angles
in moonlight it resembles
a biscuit tin that dangles

the beast box is dreaming
what you believe

juice in the front
juice in the back
a cardboard gothic frame
they sold it off for scrap last year
to our eternal shame


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