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lady ark sz

i was thinking of phoning
the richest woman in the town
a radio was playing nonsense
and yes,
the cigarette machine is broken down
watch yourself now
the linos greasy
it could surely kill
ever since they fixed the light in here
this place has gone downhill

and now im running
up the aisle
of an endless train
and when i try to sleep
i dream the very same
i am nothing
becoming nothing
and nothings to be done
then im falling in love
with lady 21

press me to her tumbling beauty
oh gorgeous siren wraith
i may never know what hit me
but ill leap with all of my faith
ill have her way with me
and be delivered as it occurs
shell be smiling so happily
ill break my body on hers
ill break my body on hers

put out the fetch-candle
if youre coming through
and be my familiar spirit
if you want to
deliver me unto my desire
deliver me unto my desire
im up on the heights
im still up on the heights


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