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take you out ark sz

yeah, yeah
here it is

she caught me by surprised i must say
cause i never have seen such a pretty face
with such a warm and beautiful smile
it wasnt hard for me to notice her style
i was fascinated, surely
she took my heart and held it for me
i wouldnt let her get away
not until she heard me say

1 - excuse me miss
but whats your name
where are you from and can i come
and possibly, can i take you out tonight

to a movie, to the park
ill have you home before its dark
so let me know, can i take you out tonight

dont care if i get rejected
at least then i wont regret it
regret the fact i missed the chance for romance
at least ill walk away knowing
i tried my best and im going
im going on with my day
cause at least she heard me say

repeat 1 (2x)

thats why i had to come over
and introduce myself to you
cause youre never gonna know
where youll find love, oh yeah
and hopefully i found it in you, yeah

repeat 1 till end


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