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closer ark sz

(mcneal/jay g/papalexis/larossi/benn/yacoub)

if i touch the flames
i might get burned, baby
if i hesitate - will i ever learn
not to take this love for granted
lay our loving on the line
cause we are on this boat together
and we have to have an open mind
memories of you like an echoe in my mind
will i be caught in this trap til the end of time
since youve been gone ive been down
ive been spinning my wheels
just thinking about what you did to me
is giving me chills
they say that time
time is all that i need
thats the price that you have to pay
for a dirty deed
visions of us walking side by side in the rain
i want you back in my life, will i see you again
when we were together
no mountains that i couldnt climb
hard times that i couldnt handle
nowhere to be found
they say that time
time is all that i need
thats the price that i have to pay
for a dirty deed


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