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always ark sz

(mcneal/jay g/papalexis/larossi/benn/yacoub)

always here for you
ill be there for you
i know well make it through
what you heard about me is true
but that doesnt mean
i wont be true to you
my love for you will last, my friend
all the way to the very end
always here for you
cause i know well make it through
youre my dream come true boy
youre just everything im wishing for
to what we have were still holding on
dont give up on me, it wont be long
ill always be here for you anytime
im gonna show the world that you are mine
always here for you...
other couples comes and goes
thats not us no, no, no
were walking on a higher ground
i wish that you could see
this love was meant to be
ill always be there
always be there for you
always there for you...
"this song is for all the lovers out there!"


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