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sometimes its only love ark sz

i am still your friend
standing by to catch you
if ever life should let you down
and you should fall.
you dont need to pretend
if ever doubt should find you.
i dont need to remind you
im there for you before and after all.
i am who i am
and i would never fool you.
i feel the same way you do
about honesty.
but do we understand
how love is sometimes jaded?
it keeps us separated
even though well never part.
so to be lovers
weve got to understand
today is how today begins,
tomorrows how it ends.
and to be lovers
some things we rise above.
cause sometimes love is wonderful
but sometimes its only love.
loving who i am
is something that youve taught me.
the kind of love youve brought me
takes me through the day.
and even though our minds
are sometimes disagreeing
our hearts theyre still believing
well work it out and stay.


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