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love the one youre with ark sz

if youre tired and confused
and you dont remember who youre talking to
your concentration slips away
because your baby, sweetheart, sugars so far away

and theres a rose in a fisted glove
and the eagle flies with the dove
and if you cant be with the one you love
honey, love the one youre with (thats right)
love the one youre with

do do do do do do do do it x3

turn your heartache right into joy
shes a girl and youre a boy
get it together
make it tonight
you aint gonna need any more advice


gotta do something, the nights really jumping so love
dont mind the feeling, its not like youre falling in love
hugging and kissing when youre love is missin love
cant do no harm if its only one night and youre in
my man, go ahead on
find somebogy, get somebody
love will still be right here when you get home
for a night, get the love
the eagles flying with the dove
and if you cant be in love
with the one you love
just love the one youre with


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