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like im invisible ark sz

you talk about me as if im not there
you dont even whisper cuz you just dont care
i stand there and listen to my life go by
and at times i wonder why i even try

well i try because i like to finish what i start
and i have faith it can get better tomorrow
but it wont if you keep treating me
like im invisible

1 - say that you wont treat me
the way youre treating me
say that you wont
i see you but you just keep looking right through me
like someone you dont even see
like im invisible

you brag to your friends how much i must want ya
you said i was someone you could do with or without
youre so confident that id never leave you
no wonder youre surprised that i am walking out

well, i have to leave no matter how sad it might be
because this hurts become my reality
and i wont let you keep on treating me
like im invisible

repeat 1

well i finally got the nerve to move on
cuz a fly kind of guy like me
surely deserves more, much more
my new love can see whats inside of me
and she told me to thank you
for the good love that you blew, and oh

i wish you could see the way she looks at me
she dont keep me insecure or treat me lovelessly
she dont hide me from her friends when we have company
and she never ever makes me feel
like im invisible

and after we lay here, she wants me to stay here
im not just for making love then expected to leave
im not only someone used for helping her ends meet
and shed never ever walk on by me
like im invisible

like im invisible


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