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if i was the one ark sz

i see the way he treats you
i feel the tears you cry
and it makes me sad and it makes me mad
theres nothin i can do, baby
cuz your lover is my best friend
and i guess thats where the story ends
so ive gotta try to keep it inside
youll never be, never be mine

1 - but if i was the one who was loving you, baby
the only tears youd cry would be tears of joy
and if i was by your side
youd never know one lonely night

if it was my arms you were running to
id give you love in these arms of mine
if i was the one in your life

if i could have just one wish
id wish that you were mine
i would hold you near, kiss away those tears
id be so good to you, baby
youre the one i want next to me
but i guess thats just not meant to be
hes there in your life, hes sharing your nights
ill never be, never be, never be right

repeat 1

i want to reach out and feel you beside me, beside me
right here, right now, right beside me baby, baby
and take you in my arms right now
and scream i love you right out loud
and then someday ill pray ill find
ill find the strength to turn to you and say

repeat 1

if i was the one, if i was the one, the one
if i was the one in your life


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