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endless love ark sz

duet with luther vandross
(l. richie)

my love
theres only you in my life
the only thing thats right
oh yeah
my first love (yeah)
youre every breath that i take
youre every step i make

and i
(and i)
i want to share
all my love with you, hey yeah
no-one else will do (mh)
and your eyes (your eyes, your eyes)
they tell me how much you care
oh, yes
you will always be
my endless love
oh yeah

two hearts
two hearts that beat as one
our lives have just begun
and forever (forever)
ill hold you close in my arms
i cant resist your charms
no no no no (no no no)

and i
(and i)
id be a fool
for you, im sure
you know i dont mind (no, you know i dont mind)
cause baby you (baby, baby, baby, baby)
you mean the world to me, yeah
i know ive found in you
my endless love

[instrumetal break]
yeah (yeah)
do do, do dooo, do do do

and i
id play the fool
for you, (for you baby) im sure
you know i dont mind (you know i dont mind)
oh, yes
youd be the only one
cause no-one cant deny
this love i have inside
and ill give it all to you
my love (my love, my love)
my my my
my endless love

my love


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