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any love ark sz

i speak to myself sometimes, and i say, "oh my
in a lot of ways, youre a lucky guy
now all you need is a chance to try
any love"

in my heart theres a need to shout
dyin, screamin, cryin let me out
are all those feelings that want to touch
any love?

what a world for the lonely guy
sometimes i feel im gonna lose my mind
can anybody tell me just where to find
any love, any love?

everyone needs a love no doubt
any love, any love
everybody feels alone without
any love, any love

i know theres a love waiting
to enter my life, enter my life

every day as i live
i try to think positive
i pray for someone good to come
any love

love is sweet and so divine
and i cant wait for my love life to shine
can anybody tell me where i can find
any love, any love?


i know theres someone waiting for me
to enter my life, come into my life

suddenly im up in clear blue skies
lonely tears start to fill my eyes
i can weep, but i refuse to cry
ive got to keep holding on

to think love is strong
to keep holding on


and i know i know i know i know shell come into my life
come into my life



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