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untogether ark sz

its not easy
but try to picture this: do
you remember
that we were once together?
isnt it strange
isnt it?
im sorry its come to this but
why are we here,
what was it we talked about? so
just remind me
of why im wasting so much
time pretending
that there is something more than
only this
this pointless accusation
tell me again,
why are we here?
im not offended by the
things that you say
cause its such a predictable
way to behave
talk and insult me til youre
blue in the face
you were right, i was wrong, now does
that make you happy?
im quite aware of all the
bad things i did
you dont have to remind me of
why you dislike me
theres no solution to the
mess that were in,
its so sad and so boring
i wish youd just leave me alone
but i understand the games you play
im ashamed of all the things i did to you


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