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kiss chase ark sz

tiny children on their own, they learn so fast
how to make new friends, how to play their new games
i remember a man he had shiny hair
always hanging around when you went away
little eight year old, she knows too many secrets
much too young to understand what it means
i remember a woman with silver hair
and the smell and the taste of the bed we shared
and thats how i behaved
every time that you went away
and now, though im older nothings changed
(playing the same games)
and i knew every day
came a chance that youd leave me
so i found what i could to take your place
told me not to cry
said that id survive
as he waved goodbye
and i want to try
not to make you cry
want us to survive
never say goodbye
but thats how i behave when you go away
because though im older nothings changed
(playing the same games)
and i know every day
theres a chance that youll leave me
so i find what i can to take your place


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