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heavenly nobodies ark sz

just because they seem to understand the way you feel
it doesnt mean theyll feel the same way too
just because they seem to hold a mirror to your life
it doesnt follow that theyll be just like you
take no heroes,
its no good
they dont stand up to you
just take the bit you think they can use
i remember when i was younger
i thought the answers were locked in people
so i admired the ones whose lives were a source of envy to people like me
but do you really want to meet
the ones who write your dreams
believe me, its a fantasy
you wont like the reality
if you want heroes keep them safe
they dont stand up to life
so lock them in your soul and lose the key
(i love you, i dont want to meet you)
when i see you it makes me feel
theres someone else out there like me
you touch my soul with what you do
it all makes sense when i hear you
you understand the way i feel
i know exactly what you mean
its like ive known you all my life
i think of you i feel alright
but in the flesh how would it be
if you could really see
the weaknesses you never knew
alive and staring back at you
if you want to heroes keep them safe
they dont stand up to life
so lock them in your soul and lose the key


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