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why do i lie ark sz

i would love to be better
i would love to be free
i would love to be perfect
when you look at me
but instead im still crying
yes instead im still lying
sad to say im still trying
not to be me
when i see all the weakness
that i turned into sickness
i still think i can slide
just fine on the ice
its not easy to be honest
sometimes im just astonished
how hard it can be to be true

why do i lie?
is it just to get by
if i give up my lines
will i die?
if fortunes are favored
then i am in labor
and im trying so hard
to leave lying behind

i dont want to be hazy
i dont think that im crazy
but ive had some moments
where i am not sure
and if you can forgive me
for just being human
then i will try harder
to keep my words pure

i could be on the border
it could be a disorder
honestly i think
that i can come clean
and all of my stories might even be boring
if i can tell you
what they all mean



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