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energy sucker ark sz

im stone free
soulless one
i wash myself
down to the dust
i might be a mess
but i try to stay pure
youre taking away
my soul my soul

hey energy sucker
im a goddess,
not your mother
hey youre soulless

you got the pull
of a riptide
too tight man soon
youre gonna suck me in
i better stay tough or
youre gonna get me
well now i wish that you
never even met me
youre a type who
acts nice
just to get things
cant relax cause
youre standing
in your own wings
you pretend youre
grown up and satisfied
thats another lie
what can you give me
youre soulless

hey energy sucker
im a goddess,
not your mother
hey youre soulless

i, i got a way to get out quick
in a second ill be through
with you old tricks
kinda funny how you try
to play innocent
i gave it up
now i dont know
where it went
suckin up to the fool
who gets near you

now were through
and i know just what
to do
im cutting you off
yeah you, its true
im cutting you off
yeah you

im stone free
i gotta get out
i gotta get out quick
i gotta gotta get out quick


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