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electric ark sz

what do you feel when you look into my eyes baby
does it come to you as a surprise?
i dont care what
other people say
just as long as im here with you
wont you come closer...
cause i cant seem to find
a way to go now

electric...when were together
so electric...feelin like this

all the times we stayed up
all thru the night
laughing and dancing til the sun come out
then later, when were lying together
even our stomachs...
theyre speaking to each other
i kiss the ground, i run my fingers through the earth
yes it feels so good to be alive


kiss the ground
(plant the seed deep)
run my fingers through the earth
(within the heart)
yes it feels so good to be alive
(like a child our love grows bigger everyday)
kiss the ground
run my fingers through the earth
yes it feels so good to be alive

chorus x2


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