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air-conditioned love ark sz

i am a savage besmitten with her
the loneliest werewolf, i wander the earth
my words are mistakes and my thoughts are unclean
this cider inside me, it slides like a dream
the moon of her window, it glows evermore
the night wrapped around us, two spoons in a drawer
i miss her dark blankets, i miss her clean sheets
all her julietting, coquettish and sweet

make me hold you
but then im just a ghost
air-conditioned love
is always cold

i enter her room and it smells like before
like rain and vanilla, she closes the door
the movement, the blurring, the echoing ache
of slow disappearing and smearing away
but now im a thief, im a transient freak
a discarded object, im hated and weak
shes hollowed my chest and ive haunted her street
that ravenous princess, shes ravaged through me

make me hold you
but then im just a ghost
air-conditioned love
is always cold


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