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midnight train ark sz

ooh, hey yeah
do you know how to leave, ride...ride

[verse 1]
ya see, it started off in st. paul from the street of old nash
and it feels so good to escape and just kick it and laugh
my clan had to bring the ruckus cause we had the cream
all you can eat over at ryans or some fish at gaseens
and i had to fix a good bag and make decisions and haste
cause soul food aint the motherfuckin thang to waste
so lets get looney up on the set cause i got five on the fire
will slide to east point and make our way to black rirer
lookin like outkast on the spot smokin blunts and
hit the liquor store got up, got out and got something
that eightball, so i can do some space age pimpin
my blood stay young off 45s colt and chicken
camels and rolls filled with ds and vogues
and playas mackin them hoes, in dyke clothes
comin up slammin caddy doors
in southwest, well take it to yo chest
and we got it locked like some niggas on house arrest
cause we ridin

[chorus: chimere]
ridin on that midnight train to georgia, riiide
ridin on that midnight train to georgia, riiide

[verse 2]
its just one of those days when i can kick it like this and like that
its a free day, my folks got rowdy way back
i right off of cascade or ralph david abernathy
i shall proceed and continue to keep my roots nappy
cause afros in all seasons, they keep me warm
some livin that thug life so how long will they mourn
i still ride, thats why i bounce my way to bank-bed
im so bad that ill knock you out, thats what my mama said
sippin on brandy, sunny days with my best friends
today you see and then you cruise through the west end
they shouldve said it was six flags over georgia
then underground, my tuesdays would be packed when i got older
if i told you one, i told ya ass a thousand times
i got em all in check when it comes to bustin rhymes
dont sweat the technique cause i just move the crowd
my mobs deep of alcoholics, people label us loud because we ride


[verse 3]
see i felt my bones jump as i crossed the road
i heard the squad was wiped up so i flipped my mode
on my way to d-e-c, baby cant you see
that decatur is totally to b-i-g for thee
lost boyz ridin around in jeeps, lex luths, and beamers
yo cars get scooped just like regina carpet cleaners
its stone mountain cats puttin it down
they played kurupt so i just gave all my dogs a pound
now my conflict was crucial off some hay i smoked
i should be gettin it cause life is too got damn short
and now my minds playin tricks and my boys actin ghetto
back to the c-p, i put the pedal to the metal
god bless the child thats just got his own
since i was a juvenile makin cash money at home
im from a boy to a man, ive reached the end of my road
its ludacris signin off till the next episode, lets ride


[verse 4]
cause its the a-t-l
where all the pimps and the playas just dwell
we get the cash and the ass then bail
we leave a trace but never leave a trail
say it again
where all the pimps and the playas just dwell
we get the cash and the ass then bail
we leave a trace but never leave a trail

[chimere ad-libs to fade]


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