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keep it on the hush ark sz

sister, mother so glad to see you
so glad your parol came through
so glad everybody came out this morning
we reading from the book of hush, today
verse sixty-nine, come on somebody, come on somebody
good to see all of you came out this morning
even though some of you just leave at one twelve
smellin like booty, and hennessee, come on
cabasille double shots, ha-hah, it dont matter!

keep it on the hush, dont say nothing
aint gone be no talking, while im doing my thang
keep it on the hush, dont say nothing
aint gone be no talking, while im doing my thang

im loving the way your legs go so far back, your one of those flexible girls
i figure your daddy always said you was one of the best in this world
but never the less in this world, im just proffesional girl
i teach em a lesson, have em stressin and confessin the girl
how good it was, and how good it could be, if they just tried it
taking my double dosage skip the daily dick diet
t-ried it, they so excited, and cant hide it
im trying to do my thang, but you gotta be quiet


now even when i just come in your house
and cover your mouth because your momma is home
you grippin the sheets and making a effort not to holler and moan
you got to keep it on the hush, cause we in no rush
you tellin me its the little things that mean so much
and its an illusion to think you can match what i can do best
so if ya man call, tell him to put some hair on his chest
but he dont even have to know, we keepin it on the low
you walking it like a dog, and stay working it like a pro, so..


imma taste ya neck, and begin to nibble around your earlobes
down to your belly button, then im un-snappin your bra
thinkin your titties are tryna tell me somethin
hard nipples, colder then ice-sicles
workin it with my tounge, you can just tell me if it tickles
freaky deaky kinda sneaky, ludacris and the gang
disturbin the peace, we runnin the streets and steady slangin them thangs
but you gotta keep the noise down, in order to keep the boy down
its joy all around, and you know how it sounds, if you just..

[chorus - repeat til fade]

as the crime scene evolves, the doors are open, the doors are open

look at you sister johnson in the front row
with thongs on, your legs open tryna tempt me
keep it on the hush, ill be over at about seven oclock
keep it on the hush, shhh


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