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it wasnt us ark sz

[chorus - repeat 2x]
they wanna know why i hit like that, spit like that,
shit like that, maybe because i get like that,
kick like that, rip like that
they wanna know why i rhyme like that, shine like that,
climb like that, cuz the world is mine like that
(yours like that) mine like that

you can get your whole crews, even niggas that owe you
they aint paid you shit you can drink some cold brew
and throw on them old shoes and jump in the whip
you can come and find us, be right behind us and insert the clip
you hear something that went "clack" "clack" "clack"
somebody went down but it wasnt us
you can settle bout two meals get hooked up with a good deal
start stackin dough you can ride your mobile
get 20 inch big wheels and collect some hoes
tou can even start eatin good and smokin good
but you pressin your luck and you say wha
somebody went bankrupt shiit but it wasnt us


you can go to the drawing board just start from stratch
all over again clean
or you can tell a bunch of officers that im the one to catch
but my niggas is the police
you can try to blame me or even try to frame me but ill make bail now
somebody goin to jail shit but it wasnt us
you do track after track, and walls get plaque after plaque
cds on rack after rack no moe selling sac after sac
you couldve had that good life, good kids and a good wife
it was yours to earn but the records stores gettin returns
shiit but it wasnt us


you could be
goin on worldwide tours and see your face on every magezine
or you can flip to channel after channel
and see that ass on the tv screen
you can pay for expensive videos
and have whole lot of big bootie hoes
but when the shit start comin to a close
shiiit but it wasnt us
you can use your back-up plan, even call him your back-up man
and start thinkin quick
you can call on your back-up hoes, even call the back-up pros
and tell em to suck a dick
and you tell just to get deez
and you tell just to pay the fees
and to pay their dues, and they catchin those stds
shiit but it wasnt us

chorus (repeat 2x)


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