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snoop dogg (q-tip):

i put it down for the lbc
(i put it down for a place called queens)
you know i represent the 213
(i hold it down for the big city)
i keep it gangsta for all my young gs
(all the p-y-ts with they own car keys)
i put it down for all the ladies
(ladies, ladies, ladies)
its all about you

(raphael saadiq)
i tried to look the other way
the day you passed me by
i saw you holding q tips hand
and girl damn near died
they way you hold that cosmo
just fits you to a tee
but i just wish that you were sitting
right next to me
i wonder what was on gods mind
the day that he made you
i know he wrote a new commandment
after he was through
but every time i see you
i find something new
but i just gotta have you

chorus: repeat 2x
i really want you
i just gotta have you

raphael saadiq)
me and nephew snoop was eating
at the serving spoon
and my partner skin it back
was sitting with us too
and all of a sudden
your body was in sight
i couldnt finish breakfast
now something just aint right
now snoop is looking like
what the hell is wrong with you
i said i know you understand
youve been through a few
but this one was special
special to me
is it my imagination killing me

chorus: repeat

i ever want is you
i just gotta have you
all i really want is you

(snoop dogg)
i just cant fake it no more
i cant take it no more
i need you in my life for sure
my wife for sure
no turning back on ya
its on and crackin
pure satisfaction
girl thats whats happenin

i appropriate game
you know my name
abstract hits
and the bag top splits
my man need a lady
no matter the kind
a diamond shinning like you
you know is hard to find

snoop dog
time brings change
and change brings time
my nephew want you
cause you so fine

q tip
a woman choose a man
its a real motee
make a choice cause me and ray
we never have beef
me and snoop we go hard
real macaronis
why you think that we want to have this ceramony
snoop dog

snoop dog
its something special bout you baby boo
i need to know right here right now
what you really wanna do

back to chorus 4x


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