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what gets me high ark sz

well, freedom of expression and elation is my state
true, true, im a lucky boy but i dont believe in fate
cause im simply, standing strongly on the shoulders of giants
and hoping theyd be proud if they were in the audience
when the lights go out my adrenaline starts pumping
the lyrics kick up and crowd starts jumping
all the lovely honeys getting down to stubhystyle
is what gets me high, its what gets me high
if you dont know what gets you high, pimp out motherfucker
let me take you for a ride, but you might not end up where you started from
so think twice before you take my advice
pimpin in tommys jeep bumping to my 311
yo, i get a page 5447
he says cockboys caddy aint starting for a week
so im gonna get a ride with a 420 geek
i says come over about 10 oclock
cause i got to go reinvest in some green stock, shocked!
well, thats the shit that keeps my pocket getting fatter
its what gets me high and nothing else matters
its a bit of the air in the night that always gets me high
thinking, i might given the right opportunity i
in the basement cool, we dont care
if the sublimes spinning on the record player
i want an o e 40 800 ice
chilling in the fridge so cool and nice
bringing the dough, dropping the flow, cause the scale wont lie
its what gets me high, its what gets me high
oh, im in ecstasy
lifes easier with a 40, but please dont follow me
oh, im in ecstasy
a girl can get you higher than any drug do you agree
oh, im in ecstasy
so proud that im smiling, didnt turn out like daddy
oh, im in ecstasy
sex in carsons dressing room, holding on to memories
im not gonna say im sorry?


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