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saturday night ark sz

as usual im late, whats the difference i see the same faces
my attitude is plain, just the same as the vibe in this place is
im shaking hands and smiling, lying, about where ive been lately
the tensions multiplying and im dying to leave
its saturday night and the partys crawling
did you hear the ringing the bottles calling
week after week this is where im ending up
its saturday night im already stumbling
some guys are outside being loud and rumbling
third weekend in a row that weve broken up
im quickly loosing interest
i really hope i find it
this room is like a bottle its never full enough
these rumors start to fly, spreading lies which alcohol induces
im sick and tired of waiting, your out of beer and im out of excuses
are you checking what youre starting, i beg your pardon
what to do you got up your sleeve
the queen of melodrama and im dying to leave
i got dem disease of overanylization
its making hard to hold a conversation
people step, expecting proclamations
but im saying it, but im saying it with an exclamation
this aint my scene and its saturday night
im going to the reggae bar they got it going on
dont believe rumors youve heard
till you see me dropping the word, right
its saturday night and the bottles calling


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