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we got a new groove on this scene
and nobodys gonna stop me from livin out my dreams
i hear your talkin shit about a punching bag
but who was around when you first busted a sag
i hear youre kicking down with your ska shit, watch it!
it might be some trendy ass bullshit
i guess i hear where youre coming from
but you didnt need to talk all that shit son
who always stuck his neck out for you
and who always had your back for you
keep talking your shit
brother man i aint got no regrets
we used to ride side by side
two intellectuals with nothing to hide
together we lost our powder virginity
i never thought i had to question your genuinity
could my eyes lie, could this be true
like caesar to brutus "et tu? et tu?"
we used to sit and laugh about the lost ones
but youre a part of their plastic world
who always stuck his neck out for you
and who always had your back for you
made time to hear your point of view
but all that just went to shit man
not an hour goes by that i dont think about the day
when i lost my faith in loyalty, friendship dissolved away
february 14th, the day of ole amore
i never realized what you had in store
receiver on my ear, the memorys so clear
insanity knocking at my door, i knew the edge was near
oh no, dont get me wrong youre not the only one to blame
ill never forgive and for this i feel no shame
but tell me one thing when you were giving me love advice
did you have this planned out and why do i pay this price
i hear around the vine you think im thinking of myself
did it cross your mind back stabbing someone else
you got an ok heart, crooked smiles none the less
loyalty you couldnt live up to test
when it comes to friendship heres a golden rule
dont jump your friends girl when he goes away to school
keep talking your shit
your insults wont phase me a bit
keep talking your shit
brother man i aint got no regrets
keep talking your shit
how does that look from where you sit
the difference between you and i
i know where to stop


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