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do you miss me killians gutierrez ark sz
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do you miss me killians gutierrez ark sz

its half past ten, no sign of cops the barrels going strong
three more beers im surell make me feel like i belong
and everyone here reminds theres no point in going home
and everything there reminds me that im still alone

you got your secrets reasons why you said its over
that was my ticket to never again be really sober
im so divided holding on while cursing you
but unlike you right now i got nothing to prove

the radio plays our favorite song its what keeps me holding on
baby do you miss me now that im gone
do you miss me
i remember the day that you told me you wanted to find another man
now i hear you cry every time we play arizona stand
now im standing here with 50 of my friends and a keg of killians
and youre at home with your ani difranco tapes again


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